Diabetes Nurse


Written on 08/30/2018
Nemanja Stojanovic



It is our wish for this app to be of help and use to both patients with diabetes and health professionals helping with their care. The advice given in the app’s videos for use of various pens and injection devices is in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines. The advice given in the  “Sick Day Rules” , “Hypoglycaemia”, “Glucose Testing”, “ Newly Diagnosed Diabetes”, “Blood Glucose Testing” etc. is in keeping with the advice given to the patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in the UK. Although this advice varies throughout the world, where a major discrepancy may exist (for example whether to sterilise the skin with alcohol or not before injecting insulin), this has been highlighted.


Nonetheless, this app should be regarded as a useful guide, and wherever a discrepancy may exist between local advice and the recommendation given in Diabetes Nurse, please follow the local practice or guidelines. If any doubt exists, please discuss the use of devices featured in the app or advice given in our videos with your local healthcare provider. 


Medication doses er given for Glucagon (used for treatment of hypoglycaemia), Bydureon (Exenatide QW), Byetta (Exenatide), Victoza (Liraglutide), Xultophy (IDegLira), Lyxumia (Lixisenatide ), and Trulicity (Dulaglutide). These doses  do not vary throughout the world. License for medication combinations in which GLP-1 analogues, renal failure license, and license for insulin use was adopted from the UK/ EMA  license. Where the US license differs, this has been highlighted (in the US contraindications to these medications include medullary thyroid cancer and MEN 2).


The internet offers great opportunities for communication, but two-way communication with many individuals, regardless of the strategy deployed, is not always possible. Therefore, EndoDiabetes Ltd cannot accept any responsibility and will not be held liable for any injury or perceived harm resulting from use/misuse of the featured devices or advice given in the videos. The purpose of Diabetes Nurse is general education for patients with diabetes, and help with the use of devices for medical professionals/diabetes educators. Neither insulin nor any other medication should be used without prescription and direct medical supervision. Any questions about the insulin or medication dose, dose change etc. should be discussed between the individual patient and their healthcare provider. In real life, it is not always possible to adhere to the recommendation or advice and to achieve the desired advice with the minimum risk possible.